Under Floor Heating

Underfloor Heating

An underfloor heating system can be a great addition to your home.

Whether you require a full house system or a single area application for your kitchen, bathroom or extension.

Under floor heating is particularly suited to conservatories and orangeries and we will be pleased to quote you for either.

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Why Underfloor Heating?

Customer Care

JF Heating Ltd takes great pride in its customer care levels. This is really important with under floor heating.

High Quality

It's very important that only the best quality materials are used on your underfloor heating.


Underfloor heating allows you greater flexibility with your home heating needs. FREE your walls today!!!

Smart Controls

Achieve greater levels of control over your new underfloor heating with connected devices such as Nest.

Highly Efficient

Underfloor heating is very efficient and allows you to extract every penny out of the gas you burn.


With underfloor heating there are no sharp edges or hot surfaces. Just clean, safe unobtrusive heating.

Why do people choose Underfloor Heating?


Underfloor heating can keep your feet warm whilst your head and body stays cool.

Heat is distributed evenly around the room more efficiently than with traditional ‘wet’ central heating systems which utilise steel panel radiators.

Increased safety results as there are no sharp edgesor hot surfaces with this innovative heating solution.

Underfloor heating is proven to be around 25% more efficient than traditional steel panel radiators.

This means that once it is up to temperature you won’t experience the peaks and troughs somtimes caused by steel panel raditors which use convection to heat the room. 


Underfloor heating can be a much safer option than steel panel radiators as there are no sharp edges which can cause cuts and bruises if fallen upon.

Allergies can be alleviated as there are no convection currents which are caused by panel radiators which transfer dust, pollen and other irritants around the room.

You can FREE your walls and achieve a more modern, minimalist look for your rooms with underfloor heating.

Some people find steel panelled radiators old fashioned and unsightly and this will provide a more pleasing change.

Consider underfloor heating when space is at a premium or you are looking to heat an open plan environment where the walls are not available.

It’s a fact that underfloor heating provides a realistic alternative to steel panel radiators and with the advent of high efficiency boilers can provide a more cost effective heating solution.

We take customer care to new heights and we’re never happy until our customer tells us they are satisfied with our products and service.

This is particularly important with a new underfloor heating installation.

Underfloor heating works best when coupled with a modern, new high efficiency condensing boiler.

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About JF Heating Online Ltd - Underfloor Heating

  • We supply only the best underfloor heating systems using the best brands and components in the market. 
  • We can heat your full property or a single room such as a conservatory, extension or orangery.
  •  We offer excellent smart controls which enable you to achieve optimal control of your system
  • We are flexible and we are able to design an underfloor system for your home no matter what type of system you have currently.
  • From the initial survey to the completed installation we offer our customers complete peace of mind.
  • If you would like to know more about the benefits a new underfloor heating system can deliver to you hit the button below and organise your FREE, no obligation survey.
Underfloor Heating Installation