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Get a Gas Safe Certificate

If you let properties in the UK, you’ll already know that a Gas Safety certificate is essential.

Under current legislation, landlords must provide full Gas Safety certification for every gas appliance in a property - and of course, these certificates must be renewed annually. 

Guidelines state that copies of Gas Safety certificates must be provided to tenants within 28 days of checks being carried out.

Gas Safe Certificate Cost

The cost of Gas Safety certificates varies depending on the number of appliances that need certification and the complexity of the job. 

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to spend £95 for a boiler Gas Safety certificate for an average-sized rental property. 

Engineers will typically spend around one hour completing all the required checks at a rental property in the UK.

However, the job does sometimes take longer if the property has a number of different fireplaces, flues, and chimneys to check or if there are several gas appliances to be approved. 

Gas Safe Certificate for Landlords

A Gas Safe certificate is essential for all tenanted properties that have gas appliances or fireplaces. It’s a vital safety measure that provides complete peace of mind for tenants and landlords alike, and it’s one that landlords can’t afford to forget about. 

Landlords are responsible for ensuring that Gas Safety checks are carried out every year. If a new lease is starting soon, landlords need to make sure that all relevant checks have been carried out within the last year. 

A Gas Safety check is a thorough process that should include full inspections of a property’s chimney structure, burner, combustion chamber, injectors, heat exchangers, and any ignition devices. 

Engineers will test out all gas appliances, ensuring they work safely and in accordance with guidance provided by manufacturers.

Get Advice on Gas Safe Certificates

If you’re looking for a friendly and reliable team to help you stay on top of your Gas Safe certification responsibilities, we’re here to help. 

Our engineers are all Gas Safe certified, and we regularly carry out gas safety checks in rental properties. 

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